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Handmade Sussex Strapped Garden Trug

Garden Trug size 7 strapped


The Garden Trug Basket is a traditional handmade Sussex trug crafted from willow and chestnut wood, with strapped frame for strength. It is perfect for harvesting, carrying tools, plants, logs, cut flowers and weeds, making it an ideal addition to any home garden.


Its robust construction and timeless design makes it an attractive and practical solution to harvesting fruit. This trug is sure to become an invaluable part of your gardening toolkit.



  • Detail

    Material: The framework is made of Sweet Chestnut which is split, shaved and steamed. The boards are made from the offcuts of cricket bats, ie willow, secured with nails.

    Size: 58 x 30 cm

  • Care

    Empty basket, and allow to air dry naturally.

  • Shipping

    Handmade product, delivery 8 - 10 days

    P&P fees apply

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