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Okatsune 216 Shrub Shears

Okatsune 216 Shrub Shears


Beautifully balanced short model shrub shears with wooden handles of 300 mm, and a razor-sharp blade of 145 mm.


This extremely lightweight model is ideal for topiary boxwood or the Japanese garden (o-karikomi), because you are close to the work. Also for pruning in tight spaces the 216 is ideal. The blades are made from the finest Japanese steel.

  • Detail

    Material: Blades, Japanese steel, handles, Japanese White Oak

    Total length: 515 mm
    Handle length: 300 mm  Blade length: 145 mm
    Weight: 740 g

  • Care

    After use, remove sap and resin, dry and oil blades

  • Shipping

    Free Shipping

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